As of December 31st, 2014, support and updates for Centurion CD and Centurion DiscHub and all related applications will no longer available.

Centurion DiscHub

Centurion MediaTRACKER

If it's worth saving onto discs, it's worth protecting with the CENTURION CD and CENTURION DISCHUB.


Everyone knows that CD and DVD are the safest way to store your valuable information data, files, photos, and videos. But what do you use to store, protect, and manage your discs ? How do you protect them from scratches, damage and loss ? How do you find the precise disc within seconds instead of days ?

Our innovative applications and patented storage technologies are designed to protect your discs against loss, theft and damage that can be caused by improper storage and handling.

Centurion CD is compatible with Century CD. Century CD is the trademark or registered trademark of their respective holder.

Whether you are archiving, backing up, or writing large graphics files, video or corporate documents, the Centurion DiscHub is the perfect scalable solution. Centurion DiscHub combines the efficiency and flexibility of an optical library with the high storage CD/DVD writing capacity.

Centurion DiscHub will quickly pay for itself with increased workgroup productivity and ever expandable read/write storage capacity.

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