As of December 31st, 2014, support and updates for Centurion CD and Centurion DiscHub and all related applications will no longer available.

StorageQuest Centurion DiscHub Manager (SQCDHM)


StorageQuest Centurion DiscHub Manager is an optical volume management program that provides an easy to use interface for archiving and retriving data with the Centurion DiscHub.

StorageQuest Centurion DiscHub Manager software is an optical volume management program designed to allow easy read/write and network access to the Digistore Solutions Centurion DiscHub 100 slot optical library.

The StorageQuest Centurion DiscHub Manager (SQCDHM) software is designed to provide easy access to the Centurion DiscHub by displaying it as a virtual drive, allowing it to be seen and accessed as any regular hard drive would, even to be shared on a network. From here SQCDHM provides a number of different features to make archiving and retriving data extremely easy:

  • Drive Letter access to your Centurion DiscHub
  • Automatic disc spanning - SQCDHM will automatically span your dataover as many discs as are needed
  • Read cache ensures quick access to your recent used files
  • Sophisticated write cache allows for multiple applications and users to write to various volumes in parallel
  • Unlimited Unified Offline Tracking
  • Network support - Share your virtual drive with any server on your network
  • A wide range of supported media types allow you to scale from a 4.7 GB DVD-R to a 50 GB Blu-ray Disc as your needs change
  • Long term preservation of records is easily achieved with archival-grade media, allowing your data to survive for decades
  • Industry-standard discs written with the UDF file system ensure your data will be in a readable format far into the future

Industries and Common Use

  • Enterprise, medium/small business and home use
  • Law enforcement, government, medical, etc..
  • Company Backup and Long-Term Archive
  • Shared storage of existing written media

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