As of December 31st, 2014, support and updates for Centurion CD and Centurion DiscHub and all related applications will no longer available.


Digistore Solutions (S) Pte. Ltd. partnerships can provide benefits to both vendors and solution providers by helping to get full-featured products to market within a short time-frame.

OEMs & licensing opportunities

Vendors in digital imaging, computer, computer peripheral, removable media and storage markets have an opportunity to leverage their brand to exploit the exploding market for optical disc management solutions.

Optical disc management solution providers

Businesses supplying hardware, software or solutions based around the distribution or management or optical discs may improve the efficiency of their solution through using or integrating with elements of our end-to-end disc management solution.

Businesses and home users are being confronted with an ever-increasing optical disc management problem. In 2006, over 12 billion CD-sized recordable optical (blank) discs were produced worldwide with the majority sold in a spindle package. Industry experts have forecast optical disc unit volumes will reach over 30 billion units per annum by 2010. DVD recordable media is driving this growth with a compounded annual growth rate of over 25%. When the other types of CD-sized media such as audio CDs are added, in excess of 60 billion discs were produced worldwide in 2006!

Digistore Solutions (S) Pte. Ltd. research shows unanimous demand across the small business, home and enterprise departmental level for a more productive way to store, manage, protect and retrieve 8 cm and 12 cm discs. For those users who do not have the requirement or resources to implement a near line or online disc storage solution, there are limited alternatives to the highly inefficient practice of storing discs in soft pouches, on shelves or in plastic racks. That was, until Digistore Solutions invented its patented optical storage technology and MediaTRACKER disc management software.

Digistore Solutions (S) Pte. Ltd. has developed an end-to-end optical disc storage, management and retrieval system that enables vendors to economically and quickly deploy disc storage solutions to their customers. Digistore Solutions works with vendors to provide solutions in the following ways:

OEMs: Original Equipment Manufacturers

For maximum speed to market, Digistore Solutions can provide a complete branded solution. Using our carousel technology and MediaTRACKER disc management software, you can have a complete solution ready to launch under your brand. Digistore Solutions has strategic partnerships with contract manufacturers who can provide the complete product direct to your warehouse, ready to launch to end users. The OEM option is the fastest way to enter the market with a product that carries your corporate and category brands certified by our technology logo.

Reference design

You can slash the typical product development lifecycle time and get a unique product to market quickly with our Reference Design. You get the benefit of a comprehensive reference design, plus you can leverage your existing industrial design, product development and manufacturing resources, to bring a unique product to market quickly.

When you license from Digistore Solutions, you receive a free licensed copy of the MediaTRACKER disc management software to bundle with your hardware. This enables you to deliver an end-to-end solution to your customers in the shortest possible time. The Reference Design option is the fastest way to enter the market with your own unique product that carries your corporate and category brands, certified by our technology logo.

Technology licensing

Digistore Solutions has patents pending and/or copyright on many of the features that make up its disc storage technology and MediaTRACKER disc management software. Most of these technologies can be successfully used by third party disc storage vendors to make their own solutions more effective. Ranging from licensing of the complete MediaTRACKER software suite for a producer of disc storage hardware, to automated carousel stacking technology for existing hardware producers, Digistore Solutions actively seeks technology licensing opportunities to assist all participants in the category to grow their business and the category generally.

Optical disc management solution providers

Digistore Solutions has a comprehensive development platform to assist solution providers in integrating with any element of the our end-to-end disc management solution. The development platform offers a core suite of development tools and APIs for third party development of applications that either integrate with or replace the MediaTRACKER software in the management of hardware incorporating our technology.

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