As of December 31st, 2014, support and updates for Centurion CD and Centurion DiscHub and all related applications will no longer available.

Centurion CD



:: Online Special Price - US$80.00 Per Unit

Centurion CD does not come with Installation CD. Please download latest MediaTRACKER Lite Free or MediaTRACKER Standard (License at US$25.00) from our Download page.  


Centurion CD is the industry's first affordable, intelligent Disc Storage unit, providing the user with a 100 discs capacity per unit.

By stacking multiple units of Centurion CD, the devices are scaleable to manage up to 127,000 discs (127 units) from a single interface on your PC or Macintosh.

This allows you to have the safest and most convenient way to store and retrieve your important data.

Easy To Use

Loading discs into the Centurion CD is quick and easy. Our state-of-the-art software offers you a list of all currently stored discs. You simply point and click, or use the built-in search feature to locate a disc, even if you only remember part of its name. Don't remember which disc contains your old photograph ? No problem : The search feature will locate it and dispense the disc quickly for you.


Centurion CD Introduction


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