As of December 31st, 2014, support and updates for Centurion CD and Centurion DiscHub and all related applications will no longer available.

Centurion DiscHub Workgroup - EMC Retrospect For Windows Bundle


Optical Volume Management delivers for compliance

At one time or another, most businesses, both public and private, find that they must meet Sarbanes-Oxley compliance obligations. As the regulatory framework around business continues to expand, businesses are required to retain more and more data on media that must be compliant, available, and accessible on demand. Even small businesses are affected -have you ever considered allowing your business to be purchased by a public company? Or receiving venture capital backing? Then you should be SOX compliance.

For small businesses, there has not been a simple, effective solution, until now
Digistore Solutions offers you a storage solution that provides the simplicity, convenience and scalability of the Centurion DiscHub Workgroup with the ease of use and reliability of award-winning EMC Retrospect backup and restore software - providing a storage solution that not only meets your compliance obligations, but does so with low recurrent costs.

High Speed, Low Cost, Near-Line Storage
The Centurion DiscHub Workgroup is the premier near-line storage solution. It bundles with StorageQuest Centurion DiscHub Manager (software) creates a virtual hard drive to your Centurion DiscHub allowing for easy drag and drop access and appears as a "disc to disc" operation when using backup software or file transfers. With access through a single drive letter, you can access your data locally or over the network from most Operating Systems.

The Centurion DiscHub Workgroup uses the industry standard UDF file system, supported by nearly all computers and operating systems. This allows the media to be read in virtually any DVD drive with no need for special software. The virtual drive can be shared over the network to all your client and server computers.

Centurion DiscHub Workgroup

Real data storage for the long term

The Centurion DiscHub is an optical storage device that uses a robotic media carousel to load and unload optical discs to and from an optical drive. It has a capacity of up to 100 discs in a single device, for a total of 480GB of storage on standard media and up to 1.7 Terabyte (TB) capacity on dual layer media (2:1 data compression). Data stored on optical media is permanent, so you never need to worry about accidental erasures, storage drive failures, or other catastrophes, and it can be accessible almost instantaneously.

EMC Retrospect Backup and Recovery Software
EMC Retrospect for Windows makes it easy to protect your personal and business data. Easy to set up and use, EMC Retrospect writes directly to the Centurion DiscHub media through the computer system. With EMC Retrospect's patented technology, you can back up and restore quickly, with unparalleled accuracy. There are no time-consuming weekly full backups or complex procedures. If you accidentally delete files or lose data due to a computer problem, simply choose a past point in time, select the files you need, and let EMC Retrospect do the rest.

Centurion DiscHub Workgroup - EMC Retrospect for Windows Bundle

Easy, Secure, Compliant

Tape backup are typically used to backup and archive companies' digital files. But poor durability and inaccessibility to store data are proving such tape solutions to be less than effective.

Centurion DiscHub Workgroup - EMC Retrospect bundle offers a family of breakthrough optical storage solutions that provide stability, fast recovery, and ease of use - for unparallels price and performance.  From drag-and-drop writing to fully automated, unattended optical backup solutions, this bundle has the right configuration to fit your data backup and archiving needs.

EMC Retrospect supports multiple languages: English, French, German, Indian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese.

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